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Application template

Post  Iceclimber on Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:24 am

You must have Deadly Boss Mods

You must have Omen

You must be able to provide Flask and food for every raid.

You must be able to wipe a whole evening, if necessary, progressing a boss.

You must be prepared to pay repair bills.


Tell us about your main character. Its name, race, class and specc.
How long have you played this character, ever since PRE-TBC, or did you start with it in LK?
What professions does it have?
Have you had any previous guilds with this character?
Tell us as much as possible!
Link its Armory Profile (only works if you have registered on this forum):


Tell us your name, age, location.
What can you provide Norse Berserkers?
Why would you like to join Norse Berserkers?
Are there any days you can't raid 1900-2200 server time?
Tell us your as much as possible about yourself!

(Only answer the questions below if you have a work that can inflict with raids)
What do you work with?
What times and what days do you work?


How is your computer? Does it run lagfree?
How is your internet? Can you raid three hours without a disconnect?
Do you have a microphone? Can you use it in ventrilo?

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