Niino Arcane Mage - 5713GS

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Niino Arcane Mage - 5713GS

Post  Niino on Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:34 pm


Tell us about your main character. Its name, race, class and specc.
My characters name is Niino, it is a Troll Mage, with arcane spec 57/3/14. I choose troll, simply because of the racial it has, 20% casting speed, which inreases my dps alot when popped.

How long have you played this character, ever since PRE-TBC, or did you start with it in LK?
I started playing mage last year, and i've been so much into the game, that i havent had time for anything else. And being a mage is just lovely, maybe a bit boring with arcane, but still fun, to see how much you can progress.

What professions does it have?
Currently i have tailoring and alchemy, im not full on both, i really dont have time at the moment to level the proffessions, but soon they will be at 450..

Have you had any previous guilds with this character?
Infinitum on moonglade, which i transfered from. And i am currently in a guild "Syth Reborn" which i joined because i have a friend in it..

Tell us as much as possible!
Well lets start of with saying, that i just transfered to Al'Akir from Moonglade, i've been here a couple of days, and i have to admit, there is alot of spam. Today, i accidently got into a 25 icc raid, with your guild, seemed very proffessional, so i thought why not try to apply, and see if it will work out.. Basicly i am looking for a raiding guild, which puts much time and focus into their raiding, and i hope that i might be helpfull enough with the progression...

Link its Armory Profile (only works if you have registered on this forum):'Akir&cn=Niino


Tell us your name, age, location.
My Real name is Nino, i am 18 years old and from Denmark.

What can you provide Norse Berserkers?
I can provide you with an exceptional dedication to the game, by being there every raid, and of course give my best and try to help out..

Why would you like to join Norse Berserkers?
Well as i mentioned before, i raided with your guild today, and they all seemed pretty good and focused on the game, specially with the boss encounters themselves. And i am looking for a good raiding guild..

Are there any days you can't raid 1900-2200 server time?
I can raid every single day.

Tell us your as much as possible about yourself!
As you might have noticed my mages name is Niino just like my real name, i just turned 18, 1st march. I live in Denmark which is a small country. I am very good at english as i see it from my perspective. I am very kind, and i love to help out people, and of course i love to make fun Smile, just not when there is raiding, then i have full focus on what i am doing...
I currently am educating in a college, to become a Programmer, which i love..

(Only answer the questions below if you have a work that can inflict with raids)
What do you work with?
What times and what days do you work?


How is your computer? Does it run lagfree?
My computer is self built, i have complete control of what components there is in it, and it is lagg free. Running a i7 with 2 gpu's...

How is your internet? Can you raid three hours without a disconnect?
My internet is 10Down/1up, not satisfied with the upload, but what can i do. I havent had dissconnect very much, only when there has been problems with the Internet Service Providers crap service.

Do you have a microphone? Can you use it in ventrilo?
Yea i do have a microphone, and ofcourse i can use it on ventrilo...


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Re: Niino Arcane Mage - 5713GS

Post  Zaqu on Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:50 am

hey m8 nice gear you got. dont know alot about mages and that but for me it seems ok..

you sound like a nice dude and i will wish you best luck in getting a spot in the guild Very Happy

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Re: Niino Arcane Mage - 5713GS

Post  Starcat on Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:27 am

I like him aswell, He was in our icc 25 when we had to pug a few ppl, And he did great, He know his misstakes, awesome player Smile

Goodluck Mate Smile

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Re: Niino Arcane Mage - 5713GS

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