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DKP information

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DKP information

In Norse Berserkers we are using DKP (Dragon Kill Points) we have used DKP since Ulduar and are using it because we think its the fairest way to divide the loot.
Our usual raid times is 19-22 (server time) if not other is stated in the calender where you sign.

The raid team will always be selected atleast 5hours before raid start. Players Confirmed SHOULD be outside the instance and ready 10min before raid start with flask, food etc.
If you are on standby we EXPECT you to be online and ready to join the raid for 30min after raid start. For this you will be awarded +50dkp however if you are on standby and aint online you will recive -20dkp
Leaving early, being late or getting very suspicous DC's at more then one occasion will result in -DKP.
Being late for a raid -50DKP

Only 25man raids award dkp. Players are awarded 100 DKP for each FULL raid they attend, we dont give DKP for eachboss kill or something alike, its simply for attending a full raid, being on time and not leaving early.
How many bosses the raid downs or doesn't down, has no affect on the DKP. This is to avoid ppl only signing for raids where we already killed the bosses, and not for progress raids.
NO show for a raid -100DKP

Bidding system
The bidding system we use is a really simple, the master looter is always the one that loot the corpses/chests, he/she will post the loot in raid chat for all raids members to see, example belove.

Gunship battle in ICC is down, and Ymer is master looter.
Ymer is looting the chest (none else) and is posting in raidchat:

Ymer:[Boneguard Commander's Pauldrons] [Waistband of Righteous Fury] [Ikfirus's Sack of Wonder]
He starts with ONE item for bidding, by simply posting it again in raidchat:
Ymer: [Boneguard Commander's Pauldrons]
People that can use this item for MAIN SPECC is simply whispering his/her bid to Ymer.
Krilko whispers Ymer: 2000DKP
Takeo whispers Ymer: 650DKP

Krilko have clearly outbidded Takeo on the shoulderpads, but the winner of the item NEVER have to pay more then +50DKP from the bid under so Ymer is just stating the winner. (In raidchat or on ventrilo)

Ymer: Krilko won [Boneguard Commander's Pauldrons]for 700DKP Congratulations..

When bidding we only use "10" for example you cant bid 233 or 217 only 230 or 210.
It's a very simple DKP system and it has worked really good for us, so we have no plans on changing it at this point.
Also the DKP that are stated on the DKP page before the raid is the DKP you can use, you are never allowed to count the DKP from the raid you are currently in before it has been updated on the website, bidding more DKP then you actually have will result in a BIG punishment.
To avoid this, simply go to the DKP page before raid start and check your DKP out, this will help the officers alot and make them be able to focus on other things instead of checking 25 peoples DKP in a raid.

If you have any complains about the DKP, or questions turn to me (Krilko) and I will try to help you.

Written by krilko

Our dkp homepage is:

This link can also be found on the navigator menu on our forum or in guild info ingame.

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