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Post  Iceclimber on Sat Mar 27, 2010 7:13 am

Q: Why is it alswyas the same who gets selected to the raids?
A: Its not, we are a 25man guild and the 25 ppl selected will be a bit different almost every raid. 10man raids differ from that and can have the same classand gear combo for progress... Also, go and read the raid information post.

Q: Can i PUG a raid?
A: If its ICC25... If we have been on one run alrdy and cleared the first 4, then you can talk to an officer about it if your gearscore is less than 5000.
A: If its ICC10... After first raid have been done, you can talk to an officer about it.
A: Ifs its anything else... Yes

Q: Why am i not in the team tonight?
A: Go and read the raid rules post.

Q: Can my friend join the guild?
A: Yes, if his gearscore is above 5200 and we need his current class.

Q: I cant attend the raid on firday because i have football practice, can u move the raid to 21:00 pls?
A: No, we wont move the raid just for you.

Q: Hi i have to go at 21:00 today (Being confirmed in a raid after we are about to go)
A: Then you shouldnt have signed.

Q: My mom is calling me, i have to go and eat (Being in the middle of a raid) Is that ok?
A: NO, and you are too young to be in this guild!.

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