Darksimba Arcane Mage 5616gs

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Darksimba Arcane Mage 5616gs

Post  Darksimba on Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:18 am

You must have Deadly Boss Mods
I got DBM and now how it works
You must have Omen
Already installed
You must be able to provide Flask and food for every raid.
i always have flasked when i know a raid is coming. and always got 5 in back for emergency:-)
You must be able to wipe a whole evening, if necessary, progressing a boss.
doesnt matter to me, but its better that we dont have to do that with me:-D but always standing to help guildies
You must be prepared to pay repair bills.
no problem with RB's


Tell us about your main character. Its name, race, class and specc.

my main char is a Arcane Mage 5.6gs. its a troll and his name is : Darksimba
How long have you played this character, ever since PRE-TBC, or did you start with it in LK?

i'm playing this char from the beginning i started with Wow so know how it works:-)
What professions does it have?

got tailoring 450 and skinning 450.

Have you had any previous guilds with this character?

i am in the guild Night Watch but searching for a other guild where i cann improve myself. talked to Kix btw and he was telling me this is good guild so:P



Tell us your name, age, location.

Remi Carras, age 19 lives in Holland

What can you provide Norse Berserkers?

good quick learning DPS. and funny ofcourse

Why would you like to join Norse Berserkers?

already said it but it is because i want to improve myself more. talked to Kix and he is in this guild so....

Are there any days you can't raid 1900-2200 server time?

i always cann raid in evening


How is your computer? Does it run lagfree?

my computer is running lagfree. never have problems.

How is your internet? Can you raid three hours without a disconnect?

yes i cann raid 3 hours without DC. 24/7 if you want without DC.. except on wednesday when the update is coming from WOW:P

Do you have a microphone? Can you use it in ventrilo?

yes i cann use Vent.


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Re: Darksimba Arcane Mage 5616gs

Post  Ymer on Wed Apr 07, 2010 12:50 pm

Rejected... Very thin apply and at this stage we dont really need mages, so the ones we take in will have to be very special.
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