Enex - Deathknight Dps

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Enex - Deathknight Dps

Post  Enex1 on Sat Apr 03, 2010 9:18 am


Tell us about your main character. Its name, race, class and specc.
My main character is Enex , Undead , Deathknight , Unholy .

How long have you played this character, ever since PRE-TBC, or did you start with it in LK?
As its Dk it should be new tho Smile i start playing it at the start of Wotlk and sotpped playing for a while then im back now . played this char 33 days . just to say i played this game since TBC on a druid for a long time till Wotlk and then started my Dk.

What professions does it have?
Well i havnt lvled any profession yet but ill start lvling Blacksmith and Jewelcraft .

Have you had any previous guilds with this character?
yah i was in a guild before but i cant remember the name of it cause i stopped playing for a while as i said Smile .

Link its Armory Profile:


Tell us your name, age, location.
My name is eyad, im 20 years old, living in Saudi Arabia .

What can you provide Norse Berserkers?
all What i can say im active and skilled player and i will do my best to show you how good i play my char .

Why would you like to join Norse Berserkers?
Cause i want to raid with a good guild and i want to do more progress with you guys Smile

Are there any days you can't raid 1900-2200 server time?
i can raid in all days .

Tell us your as much as possible about yourself!
Im a guy who studying in college, So i got alot of time to play wow, i dont have much hobbies tho but i love this game and almost online evry day .


How is your computer? Does it run lagfree?
my Computer is good, simply i dont have any lag, and the fps is 60 all the time .

How is your internet? Can you raid three hours without a disconnect?
I have a 1mbit connection and can raid 3 hours without DC np.

Do you have a microphone? Can you use it in ventrilo?
I do have a mic and i also have ventrilo installed, so its not a problem..but my English is not that good so i preffer not talking hehe . just to say i understand english better than talking Smile

Thanks for reading my application


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Re: Enex - Deathknight Dps

Post  Ymer on Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:18 am

Hi Enex, i like your apply... We will contact you in-game
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