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Raid Information

Post  Iceclimber on Sat Mar 27, 2010 7:12 am

Who gets selected for raids and why? Well, there are different factors that play a part in this.

1ST: of all, gear does matter. We need to have a certain amount of well geared ppl for ICC 25 for instance, then we can better take a few ppl with lesser gear and help them through and gear them up. If we dont look at gear, we're gonna fail on the bosses most likely and nothng good will come out of that for anyone.

2ND: We will look at classes. We need to use as many different classes as possible to get all the buffs we can. Some classes are more lucky in this department as a class like pallies have alot of different buffs and we would be able to take more of those than rogues and warriors for instance.

3RD: We will look at sign up time. If the 1st option is fulfilled and we have 2 equally geared rogues fighting out for one spot. We will take the one who signed first. so sign up in good time.

The way this would work for instance is that a lesser geared player could be taken ahead of a well geared one, if we already have 20 people with good gear in the raid and the lesser geared player signed first. The other way around, if we have only 15 well geared players signed up. A well geared player would get ahead of a lesser geared player, so we have a better chance of succeeding as bosses.

So what can i do to improve my chances? One thing is to sign up as early as possible. Another one is to do alot of heroics for emblems and buy the emblem gear to upgrade your holes. If you do both, you have a very big chance of getting into the raids.

Another VERY important factor is how available we feel players are to the guild... Ppl who dont want to sign up to raids because they werent in the first one of the game week will not be the first on the list for nect weeks raids. Also players who only sign up for the raids where we have bosses on farm, but who dont sign for the progress runs will be last in the confirm order.

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