Baoser Resto Druid

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Baoser Resto Druid

Post  Baoser on Mon Mar 29, 2010 3:12 pm


Applicant Characters Name:Baoser

Class/Race and Spec:Tauren Druid Resto

Armoury Link

Current or last Guild: My current guild is Obsessed and it's my own and it didn't go as planned so here I am looking for a new one Smile

Reason for leaving: As I said it didn't go as planned I decided to disband it.


Why would you like to join us: Since you seems to be a nice guild that have made some nice progress and I miss the times when you get a first kill with a guild and you got some bosses that you still have to take Smile

How active would you consider yourself: 24/7 if necessary Razz

Does 19:00 game time suit you for raiding: Yeah that suits me more then fine

Explain how you expect people to behave during a raid: I expect people to be focused and take every raid serious but still to have fun.

We use dkp system for 25 man raids, does that suit you: Yeah I have always used DKP when I have raided so that wont be any problem.

Maturity, good attitude and reliabilty are characteristics we are looking for.Can you offer these: No I can't (a) no ofc I can Smile

Whats your current 10/25 man ICC progress: In 25 man I have killed 6/12 and have made some good tries on both Professor and Blood Prince and on 10 man the same.


Sex {optional}Male

I can prommise that I will top your overhealing meters Smile Nah I'm kidding but I will prommise you that I will be active and do my best on every single raid that you put up


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Re: Baoser Resto Druid

Post  Iceclimber on Mon Mar 29, 2010 3:18 pm

Look really good, you will be contacted ingame by one of our officers.

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Re: Baoser Resto Druid

Post  chillx on Mon Mar 29, 2010 3:21 pm

Application accepted

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Re: Baoser Resto Druid

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