Application: Harrald, combat rogue,

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Application: Harrald, combat rogue,

Post  Harrald on Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:47 pm

My char's name is harrald

It's and orc Rogue which atm is specced combat but have OS as mutilate (pve spec as well)

Armory link:

My last guild was Midgard, but it's peak in raiding only lasted for a few weeks before ppl started leaving because they didn't get to raid enough.
Leaving: i want to raid and the last few weeks my raids have been pugs, because no guild runs was made at all.

I would like to join u because i want to be in a guild which raids ICC 25, because thats the place i want to perform!

19.00 will suit me allright, i might not be able 2 make it all days, but my schedule is rather flexible, and we are probably talking 1-2 days a week were i cant come.

In i raid i expect ppl to be focused, but i also expect ppl 2 be there because they yhink it's fun, meaning i dont want to raid with ppl shouting at any little mistake anyone makes. i hope for an inviroment where ppl are helpfull and calm. a wipe or two isn't the end of the world, at 40 wipes there might be a problem Wink

I believe i can offer the requested things, i'm not a big talker but williing to help in anyway i can 2 make it all go a bit smoother Smile
Reliable in the way, i won't sign to a raid which i can't show up to, and i will do my best 2 catch as many raids as possible Smile

Current progress:
Icc 10 man: first two quarters and blood princes down, i tried bloodqueen and dreamwalker fights
Icc 25 man: first quarter down, tried festergut and rotface fights

Proffesions: JC, mining and cooking 450

I'm 21
From: Denmark
Gender: Male

I know my class, it has been my main since TBC and i havent rly played other classes that much because i think rogue is the coolest dps class. therefore i'm pretty confident in the way i play my char and believe i can contribute to any raid.


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By the way

Post  Harrald on Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:54 pm

If u have any further questions just /w me ingame (Harrald - main, Breakinator - alt) or send me an ingame mail Smile


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Re: Application: Harrald, combat rogue,

Post  Ymer on Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:00 am

Guild Leader

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Re: Application: Harrald, combat rogue,

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