Eksor, Holy paladin.

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Eksor, Holy paladin.

Post  Eksor on Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:17 am


Tell us about your main character. Its name, race, class and specc. Eksor , bloodelf holy paladin (Tank offspec)
How long have you played this character, ever since PRE-TBC, or did you start with it in LK? I started at WOTLK
What professions does it have? Mining
Have you had any previous guilds with this character? Perkeleen k├Ątyrit and something at ghostlands
Tell us as much as possible!
Link its Armory Profile:


Tell us your name, age, location. Tino, 15, southern finland
What can you provide Norse Berserkers? good healing
Why would you like to join Norse Berserkers? to raid
Are there any days you can't raid 1900-2200 server time? no
Tell us your as much as possible about yourself!

(Only answer the questions below if you have a work that can inflict with raids)
What do you work with? No works
What times and what days do you work? No works


How is your computer? Does it run lagfree? Can hold 25mans, lags only when downloading.
How is your internet? Can you raid three hours without a disconnect? Best possible internet
Do you have a microphone? Can you use it in ventrilo? Dont have microphone, I usually listen in ventrilo.


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Re: Eksor, Holy paladin.

Post  Ymer on Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:34 pm

I am afraid we will have to reject you... Apply isnt very good, and it dosnt rly seem like you have your heart set on joining this guild.
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Re: Eksor, Holy paladin.

Post  eksor on Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:41 am

yeah sure, we go to other guild then


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Re: Eksor, Holy paladin.

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